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3 TIPS to Avoid Owner Burn Out!

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I took my 4-year old grandson to get his haircut the other day.  We walked into a popular franchise and waited for our turn.  I had been at other locations of this same franchise and noticed this one seemed a little less tidy than the other locations.

As we were called for our turn, the woman cutting his hair started a conversation.  I let her know I had been to another location but this was our first time at this location.  She stated she was the owner and had bought the business 7 years ago.

Bingo!  I let her know I work with business owners and love hearing their stories.  She immediately looked me in the eye and asked, “Are you a business or life coach?  I need help.”

She proceeded to relate a familiar story.  She bought the business and loves cutting hair and thought all would be well.  However,

  • she was in debt
  • had issues with retaining employees
  • worked way more hours now than when she was an employee
  • she felt overwhelmed
  • she was ready to quit
  • in short, it was not fun anymore
  • Owner Burn Out!!!!

What happened? She was struggling and spending all her time doing the things she hated.  This is a red-flashing warning sign—DANGER, BURN OUT AHEAD.

As a new owner and over the following years she had not planned ahead, been unable to identify and hire the right people for needed positions, and profits were decreasing and debt was increasing.  She was now trying to do all the functions and tasks she hated.  She no longer enjoyed owning the business.  So sad!

What can you do to avoid owner burn out?

  1. Know your strengths and passions and do what you love
  2. Know your limitations and hire help or outsource the tasks you do not enjoy
  3. Know how to analyze your financials and see the story they tell

Avoid Owner Burner Out—Get help identify the biggest gaps and determine and define a game plan that will work with your personality and skill set.

Avoid Owner Burner Out—Get started right away.  Don’t wait and let the stress build.

Contact Partners 31 and see how a “Coach in Your Corner” can motivate and help you beat owner burn out!  Get Your Business FIT, and ready to go when you are.




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Risa is Managing Director of PARTNERS 31. Her natural enthusiasm and years of industry experience will successfully guide your business, whatever its size or specialty, through every aspect of exit planning, from strategy to sale.

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