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identifying business goals

Growing the Value of Your Business- Getting Ready to Sell?

In our experience most owners do not know how to grow value in their businesses: “…71% of small and mid-sized enterprise owners plan to exit their businesses within the next ten years, strongly highlighting the growing importance of enhancing business value. However, the challenge is that few organizations genuinely understand what actions they must take […]

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Exiting Your Home Care Business Without Leaving It

Business owners may be telling their advisors things like, “I’d like to back away from my business”, “I’d like the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want”, “I don’t want to worry about money. But if I sell, I’m unlikely to get enough cash in today’s merger and acquisition marketplace.”, “If I could […]

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8 Ways to Exit Your Business

8 Ways to Exit Your Home Health Care Business

According to Paul Simon, there are fifty ways to leave a lover. We may not be as resourceful as Mr. Simon when it comes to saying goodbye, but we were able to come up with eight ways for owners to leave their home health care business. 1. Transfer to a family member 2. Sale to […]

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Family Succession Planning Via Sale to Third Party When Exit Objectives Clash

Family Succession Planning Via Sale to Third Party When Exit Objectives Clash

Many business owners facing imminent exit have the enviable but difficult choice of either selling the business to an outside third party and achieving their financial objectives or, conversely, transferring the business to loyal, motivated,  key employees or family. This is nothing more, or less, than a clash of exit objectives. Take John Conover for […]

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First Things First: Prioritizing Your Objectives

  You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there–Yogi Berra It’s not always easy to interpret Yogi Berra. But perhaps he is pointing out how important it is to know exactly where you and your business are headed. There will come a time when […]

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selling your homecare business

Selling to Insiders – How Much Can you Sell your Home Care Business for?

If you wish to transfer your business to an insider(e.g. employees, children, co-owners) and want to receive full value, then generally that value cannot exceed four times your true cash flow.  We define “true cash flow” as the pre-tax money distributed to owners via salary, bonuses, company distributions such as S-distributions, and all rental payments […]

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